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How to host an international event successfully during lockdown

Aktualisiert: 1. Mai 2021

German model & TV presenter Nadja Cleven has joined the beauty pageant Miss Elite in April 2020 and will be the official social media presenter & influencer of the upcoming beauty contest.

Her own international modelling experience of more than a decade gives her the perfect background and base to interview our pageant participants about their experience, skills, goals and ambitions in the modelling & beauty pageant industry.

Due to the current lockdown situation the Management of Miss Elite and the presenter came up with the idea to go Live on Instagram, interviewing each participant live on Instagram.

“Yes, the lockdown has been a big challenge for all of us, like for everyone else in the event industry, but we actually thought about how to make this challenge work in our favor.”

(Stefano Douaihy , Founder of Miss Elite)

25 interviews will be streamed live on Instagram, in which the models have to answer a couple of informative, funny & tricky questions within 15 minutes.

Some of the questions include prior experiences, ambition, beauty routines and special skills and it definitely will be more than just entertaining.

Our presenter Nadja herself has answered a couple of questions about this very new format for beauty competitions.


“I think the interviews are a great chance for each one of the girls to show their personality and skills, it’s not all about competition, its more about getting yourself out there and letting the people know who you really are. IG live is an interesting platform for that, especially because our viewers can interact and come up with own questions for the girls in real time.”


“For the girls it’s a perfect practice before being on the big stage stage.

IG Live is a live format, obviously, so you never know what will happen till it’s on air, that is what makes it so interesting, especially because none of us actually never met before.


“I especially like the idea of giving young girls the chance to show their own character and skills and share their own opinions about the model industry.

I think it’s important to point out that this is not only about competing against each other but personal growth and mutual support and interaction. To win & be successful as a model it takes a lot more than just a pretty face …Winning the title is just the icing on the cake”

(Nadja Cleven, Official TV Presenter)

The 25 Interviews will be uploaded to Instagram TV and count as one of the pre arrival challenges of the competition.

Get to know our participating models and don’t forget to join us.

By Pooja Bimrah

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