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Roadtrip trough South Africa

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After coming to the country for the third time already I finally got my chance to take a 3 week road trip trough the whole country.

I normally stayed in Sea Point Cape Town and absolutely love the are and going out in Cape Town... it’s always been a lot of fun and quite a vibe and party, but I always knew there must be more to see than the parties and beaches of Cape Town, so we finally planned to basically drive around the whole county and to see what more it has to offer.

The whole road trip was simply amazing and I’m more than happy to share our route and some highlights of it here with you... it’s defenitley worth going, if you have find the time for it.

  1. Oudtshoorn

Cango caves

Buffelsdrift Gamelodge

Port Elizabeth

East London


Port Shepstone



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